The Road to Health

Welcome to NuChiro. As my first post, I would like to talk about establishing a framework from which we create behaviors that can lead to optimal health.  Everyone wants to be healthier, my clients, patients, family, friends, coworkers, but few consistently take the right steps towards modifying their behaviors to make their goals a reality.  Some people take up exercising, but refuse to curb their excess calories.  Others, start exercising three times a week, but quickly lower the frequency to twice or once a week.  It’s easier to over-indulge to over compensate for every day stress. Then, when it comes time to undo the damage,  people want to see immediate results because they are focused on their appearance, not on improved health.  When you are focused on health, the journey might take longer, but the results will be achieved with a solid foundation.

To achieve optimal health, you need to remember four words: Action, focus, commitment, balance.  Intentions without actions lead to failure.  Everyone needs to have an ACTION plan to achieve things in life.  A good action plan starts with establishing realistic goals: lowering cholesterol by 20 points, losing 10 pounds by December 25th, decreasing body fat percentage by 7% points etc.   Then, you trace the plan with the correct actions to get to your goals: exercise, eating a more balanced diet, elimination of allergens, joint protection through chiropractic techniques, stress reduction, and the like.

To make your goals a reality,  a strong focus not to stray from your established plan.  Christmas time is the worst and best time to start healthy behaviors.  On the one hand, temptations abound.  Too much food to eat,  too little time to exercise and too much shopping frenzy to relax.  It’s so common for people to postpone behavioral change until after Christmas. Do you know how much focus you will need to lose the weight you want to lose today plus the weight you would have gained after the Christmas season?  On the other hand, if you stay focused during the Christmas Season, you’ve past the hardest test for most people to pass.  You’ll be able to bask in pride when you look back to your accomplishments.

Your commitment to achieving your health goals will help you keep focused-long term on your plan.  It will allow you to fight off the media’s relentless food advertising and friends suggestions about how having fun boils down to overeating and drinking while you are socializing with them.  Commitment is not only an intellectual decision.  It is also an emotional one.  If you ever believed in being committed to one person for the rest of your live, let that person be yourself.

Finally, you do not live in a vaccum.  Achieving a state of total health entails being physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually healthy.  So, it’s important to realize that we are human. We should be able to interact with others and be able to enjoy what life has to offer.  So in our health plans, we need to allow some leeway for enjoying the taste of rich, succulent homemade or gourmet food or to decrease physical activity during a vacation, especially when doing so will be rewarded with stronger bonds with our loved ones and our community.  This is balance.  The ability to choose from seemingly conflicting behaviors and activities when they will enrich all areas of our lives provided that we apply them within the context of a healthy action plan.

So, it’s December 1st.  We’re one month away from the New Year.  Will the New Year include a New You?


About nuchiro

I graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL in 2005 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. I have also been a certified personal trainer since 1999. I believe that Total Wellness, of which physical fitness is only a part, can be achieved relatively easily when people focus on attaining a harmonious balance in the different aspects of their lives. For an appointment, feel free to contact me at .
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