I am a chiropractic physician and fitness trainer.  I believe both of the disciplines that I practice complement each other beautifully.  Chiropractic helps in the maintenance, the improvement, and restoration of health. Exercise in all its modalities help chiropractic achieve its goals.  I believe that movement is universal and transcends physical boundaries. Humans are born to physically move and personally evolve.

Being physically fit helps us  undertake the different challenges life prepares for us more efficiently.  When you are physically fit you can focus  better, have more stamina, stay cool under stress, maintain your confidence, do better intellectually and the like.    The ultimate goal of any fitness journey and chiropractic endeavors is the achievement of optimal health.

Therefore,  my intent on this site is to pass along all the knowledge and tips that I have acquired through the years as a chiropractor and a personal trainer.  My hope is that you put things in practice in your life where you see fit and that you pass along the information to anyone that you think might need it.


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