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To achieve your health and fitness goals, you must to have the correct attitude.

Be happy, Be healthy

One of the foundations of happiness is health.  I am not talking about media- defined health: the one that pushes you to have 0% body fat so that you can flaunt an impressive body devoid of personality.  I am talking … Continue reading

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Warm Up to 2012

The New Year gives us a chance to start new projects.  Make your new project discovering a healthier lifestyle by experimenting with dietary changes and improved physical activity in such a way that they become habits for the rest of … Continue reading

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Are You Serious about Getting Rid of Your Headaches?

I already covered the most important red flags when it comes to headaches on my last post.  Before I go further into ways to alleviate different types of headaches, I definitely need to ask you a question:  Are you serious … Continue reading

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No more resolutions! It’s time to achieve your goals!

It’s the 7th day of the new year:  Happy New Year!  How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along?  How about thinking of your resolutions as goals?  When drawing up goals, you have to take into consideration who you are, … Continue reading

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The Road to Health

Welcome to NuChiro. As my first post, I would like to talk about establishing a framework from which we create behaviors that can lead to optimal health.  Everyone wants to be healthier, my clients, patients, family, friends, coworkers, but few … Continue reading

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