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Physical activity is one of the pillars of health. Click to get informed about the best basic exercises to say fit.

Do you meet the USDHHS minimum exercise guidelines?

In 2008, the US Department of Health and Human Services established the following guidelines on physical activity: AT LEAST,  2.5 hours of moderate exercise weekly like walking briskly, water aerobics, ballroom dancing, doubles tennis, or gardening OR 1.25 hours of vigorous activity like race … Continue reading

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Exercising during Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy is safe for most women as long as they are monitored by their physician.  Many physiological changes will occur during pregnancy: you will gain weight, your center of gravity will shift, hormones will make your mood go … Continue reading

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Staying healthy with good breathing technique

You feel fatigued frequently for no explanation.  Your muscles are continuously knotted up and achy.  You have trouble concentrating.  Have you checked your breathing technique? Do you know that incorrect breathing have been associated with many conditions from chronic headaches … Continue reading

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A simple resistance routine: The end

Before you read the final part of this series, make sure you have gone over the first two parts.   In the final installment of the series,  I will be introducing 3 exercises dealing with the final 3 primal movements. … Continue reading

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A simple resistance routine: Part 2

On my last post, I introduced you to primal movements: pulling, pushing, bending, twisting, lunging and squating.  I covered some exercises that deal with pulling motions.  These mostly work back muscles and biceps.  Go back and read the introduction to … Continue reading

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A very simple resistance routine: Part 1

INTRODUCTION Cardiopulmonary (cardio), weight resistance training, functional and movement coordination training, and flexibility training are the basic components of a good exercise routine.  All of these must be included in a good routine.  If you’ve been reading, you already know … Continue reading

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What your pelvis may be telling you

The blog entries preceding this one dealt with stretching the low back and thigh muscles to improve the health of your low back.  Now I would like to stress the importance of developing and maintaining a Neutral Pelvis. Simply stated is … Continue reading

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