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A disc that matters

Nestled between most of the vertebra of our spine lie intervertebral discs.  These are fibrocartilagenous rings that make our spine an excellent shock absorber.  They can get injured by making a small innocent moves such as bending to pick up … Continue reading

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A simple resistance routine: Part 2

On my last post, I introduced you to primal movements: pulling, pushing, bending, twisting, lunging and squating.  I covered some exercises that deal with pulling motions.  These mostly work back muscles and biceps.  Go back and read the introduction to … Continue reading

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What your pelvis may be telling you

The blog entries preceding this one dealt with stretching the low back and thigh muscles to improve the health of your low back.  Now I would like to stress the importance of developing and maintaining a Neutral Pelvis. Simply stated is … Continue reading

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Stretching your Low Back: End of the series

This is the last of series on basic stretches for a healthy back.  I hope you have put the stretches on my previous posts into practice. Always remember to Never  stretch to the point of pain. If a particular stretch … Continue reading

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Conquering your hip flexors for a healthy back

The hip flexors are muscles most people don’t think about unless they are too tight or in spasm or simply get injured. As I mentioned on my last post, the main hip flexors are the iliopsoas and the quadratus femoris. … Continue reading

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Protecting your back: Stretching the Quads

If you have read my last couple of posts, you should know simple stretches for your low back, glutes and hamstrings by now.  You should also know the rules of stretching.  So I won’t go over them on this post. … Continue reading

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Stretching your leg muscles for a strong back: The hamstrings

Some people act surprised when I tell them that tight thigh muscles can not only mess up their posture, but also injure their low back and their knees.  Until recently, scientists analyzed muscles by regions with total disregard to the … Continue reading

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