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Do you suffer from tension headaches?

I used to think that people who had tension headaches were the lucky ones when I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches.  Then, I found out most of my triggers.  I hardly ever have a migraine headache anymore.  I know people … Continue reading

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Are You Serious about Getting Rid of Your Headaches?

I already covered the most important red flags when it comes to headaches on my last post.  Before I go further into ways to alleviate different types of headaches, I definitely need to ask you a question:  Are you serious … Continue reading

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Staying healthy with good breathing technique

You feel fatigued frequently for no explanation.  Your muscles are continuously knotted up and achy.  You have trouble concentrating.  Have you checked your breathing technique? Do you know that incorrect breathing have been associated with many conditions from chronic headaches … Continue reading

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Supersupplement: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, revisited

I know I’ve covered this subject before, but I have to stress that this supplement is one of the few that can be labeled as a supersupplement.   Uncontrolled inflammation in the body is responsible for many conditions from chronic … Continue reading

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What your pelvis may be telling you

The blog entries preceding this one dealt with stretching the low back and thigh muscles to improve the health of your low back.  Now I would like to stress the importance of developing and maintaining a Neutral Pelvis. Simply stated is … Continue reading

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Conquering your hip flexors for a healthy back

The hip flexors are muscles most people don’t think about unless they are too tight or in spasm or simply get injured. As I mentioned on my last post, the main hip flexors are the iliopsoas and the quadratus femoris. … Continue reading

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Stretching your leg muscles for a strong back: The hamstrings

Some people act surprised when I tell them that tight thigh muscles can not only mess up their posture, but also injure their low back and their knees.  Until recently, scientists analyzed muscles by regions with total disregard to the … Continue reading

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